We are a restaurant in the Drive-In tradition. Housed in a repurposed Foster's Freeze, we offer a modern take on order at the counter service.


 open 11-10 daily                                  




 Mi casa es su casa Catering Menu


For a Crowd

Milled Corn Tacos or Tostadas

$15 per person, minimum 6 people

Mary's Organic Chicken or Seasonal Veggie 

All the fixings: St Jorge Cheese, Salsa Fresca, Salsa Verde, Crema, Cilantro, Lime


Family Size Salad

feeds 6 people, assembly required

House Salad - $45

roasted pepitas, radish & house vinaigrette

Trout Salad - $70

house smoked trout, roasted beets, avocado, pistachio, charred meyer lemon and creme fraiche dressing

Al a Carte

Shuck Your Own

Dozen Oysters - $24

mignonette & lime


Seasonal Ceviche

Pint - $28

Quart - $56

broken tostadas


Smashed Avocado

Pint - $14

Quart - $28


House Made Pickled Vegetables

Pint - $7

Quart - $14


Fancy Beans or Hippy Slaw

Pint - $6

Quart - $12


Salsa Verde or Salsa Fresca

Pint - $7

Quart - $14


CA Mole

Pint - $12

Quart - $24


Hand Milled Tortillas or Tostadas

Dozen - $5


Hand-Cut Tortilla Chips

Pound - $9


Please email manager@handline.com with questions and to place your order.

48 hour notice needed for party menu.  

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935 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Open 11-10 Daily