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GRILLED OYSTERS (3 per order)

Baja CA jalapeno, cilantro, lime   12

Alta CA bacon, arugula pesto, Gilroy garlic   14

La Roja fermented chili paste, Gilroy garlic, butter   11

Cracked Oysters served with mignonette and lime

Humbolt Kumamoto   3.75 each

Marin Miyagi   3 each

Morro Bay Grassy Bars   3 each

Milled Corn Tacos

Served on house corn tortillas

Ex Pat stewed peppers, corn, local cheese, salsa fresca, and crema   9

El Coronado fried rockfish, chipotle aioli, lime slaw, radish   11

Los Cabos carved Al Pastor with pina,  lime slaw, avocado & salsa verde   13

A-LOT-A Tostada

Served on crispy house tortilla

Mi Papa fancy beans, avocado, local cheese, salsa roja, lime slaw and crema  9

La Sirena poached local squid, avocado, tomato, red onion and chili salsa  12

Pollo Correcto Mary’s chicken, fancy beans, pepitas, romesco, crema  11

The LA Burger

Home of fast food, the Vegan, and beach culture

Inglewood, pastured beef, local cheese, onion, lettuce, special sauce on a bun  11

Malibu Pier daily catch, slaw, pickled onion, special sauce on a bun  12

Melrose, fancy bean and quinoa patty, local cheese, Iceburg, avocado, special sauce on a bun  11


Served with broken tostada

Tijuana Verde sliced Pacific halibut, cucumber, red onion, mint, lime, jalapeno   12


Rosarito’s sliced rockfish with tomato, cilantro, red onion, lime and jalapeño   12


Soup & Salad


The Pier 45, a fisherman’s stew with the daily catch, cove mussels, clams & Monterey calamari   14

Red crushed tomato, napa cabbage   
Green fresh herbs, lime, jalepeno        
+add spot prawns (two per) when available +9

House Salad mixed local lettuce, pepitas, radish, handline vinaigrette  6

Smokey Joe house smoked trout, avocado, lettuce, pickled onion, creamy dressing  9

The weather report

From our farm or another, the produce is always organic

Roasted Padron Peppers,smoked salt & chipotle aioli   7

Blackened Corn with cilantro butter  6

Smothered Summer Squash with romanesco & pepitas  7

French Fries with aioli and sea salt   6    
+add fried Calamari  +7  
+add fried fish  +7  

For the Kiddos

Little Foster’s Burger free range beef, local cheese, lettuce, aioli  8

Fish & Fries  7

Mi Niño fancy beans chicken, fancy beans, avocado, local cheese  8

Quesadilla local cheese, & squash blossoms  7
+ Order it plain  6

Ode to foster’s — soft serve

Vanilla 5            Strawberry  6


Our Story

Handline Restaurant is a dream we’ve always had. The food we will serve will be fundamentally Californian. To us, this means inalienable freshness, the kind that you can only experience when the air has recently kissed the Pacific. It is an adventure and the Coast is our inspiration.

It is a place where the celebration of our region’s bounty merges with the state’s diverse culinary heritage. We look to pay homage to the cooking techniques and beloved ingredients brought to California by generations of immigrants, while reflecting the evolution of modern Californian fare.

We hope the food will embody the joy and passion we feel for diverse communities and lively dinner tables and look forward to sharing a meal with you soon.

TwoXSea Sustainability Criteria

Sustainable is a word that, as of late, has been misused to suit the needs of some just trying to increase profits. TwoXSea was founded on honesty, transparency, and the following six sustainability criteria:

  • The harvesting of all fish we sell has left more than enough fish for future generations, and caused no habitat destruction – none.
  • There is no loss of marine life through incidental catch, “Bycatch”, in the harvesting process.
  • Farming products we sell did not involve: use of chemicals or medicines, adverse use of feed from wild sources, introduction of non-native species into local fisheries, or inflict economic adversity on families and communities.
  • The person who caught the fish was paid fairly for the work they did to bring it to you.
  • The fish can be traced back to the vessel that caught the fish, and proper guarantees are in place regarding the honest origin of the fish.
  • The fish comes from as local an area as possible, thus reducing carbon emissions and restoring regional cuisine.

Truly Sustainable Choices

What you buy & when you buy makes an enormous difference to our ocean. These sources not only come from healthy fisheries, but they are also caught with the strictest standards of catch methods.

The catch methods we support do not deplete the resource, take unwanted by-catch or harm habitats. As the seasons change so should our buying habits; intelligent management of each fishery is based upon scientific evidence of how much each one can yield.

Choosing fish that is in-season gives each species the time to fully recover from our demands for food.



935 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA 95472

11am–10pm Daily