CA Oysters


Baja CA jalapeno, cilantro, lime   12

Alta CA bacon, chard, Gilroy garlic   14

La Roja fermented chili paste, Gilroy garlic, butter   11

Cracked Oysters served with mignonette and lime

Humbolt Kumamoto   3.75 each

Marin Miyagi   3 each

Hog Island Sweetwaters   3 each

Milled Corn Tacos

Three/ Order- Served on house corn tortillas

Ex Pat stewed peppers, corn, St Jorge cheese, salsa fresca, and crema   9

El Coronado fried rockfish, chipotle aioli, lime slaw, radish   11

Los Cabos carved Al Pastor with pina,  lime slaw, avocado & salsa verde   13

A-LOT-A Tostada

Two/ Order- Served on crispy house tortilla

Mi Papa fancy beans, avocado, St. Jorge cheese, salsa roja, lime slaw and crema  9

La Sirena poached local squid, avocado, tomato, red onion and chili salsa  12

Pollo Correcto Mary’s chicken, fancy beans, pepitas, romesco, crema  11

The LA Burger

Home of fast food, the Vegan, and beach culture

Inglewood, pastured beef, St. Jorge fonduta, Iceberg, Calabrian relish, thousand island on a bun  11

Malibu Pier daily catch, slaw, pickled onion, thousand island on a bun  12

Melrose, fancy bean and quinoa patty, St. Jorge fonduta, Iceberg, Calabrian relish, thousand island, avocado on a bun  11


Served with broken tostada

Tijuana Verde sliced California halibut, cucumber, red onion, mint, lime, jalapeno   12


Rosarito’s sliced rockfish with tomato, cilantro, red onion, lime and jalapeño   12


Soup & Salad


The Pier 45, a fisherman’s stew with the daily catch, cove mussels, clams & Monterey calamari, served with house tortillas   14        
+add spot prawns (two per)/ crab when available +9

House Salad mixed local lettuce, pepitas, radish, handline vinaigrette  6

Smokey Joe house smoked trout, avocado, lettuce, pickled onion, creamy dressing  9

The weather report

From our farm or another, the produce is always organic

Roasted Padron Peppers,smoked salt & chipotle aioli   7

Smothered Summer Squash with romanesco & pepitas  7

French Fries with thousand island and sea salt   6   

For the Kiddos

Little Foster’s Burger pastured beef, local cheese, lettuce, aioli  8

Fish & Fries  7

Mi Niño fancy beans, chicken, avocado, local cheese  8

Quesadilla local cheese, & squash blossoms  7

Ode to foster’s — soft serve

Vanilla  5            Chocolate  5.5